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Message from the President

Greetings Coral Gables!

As we begin our new Chamber year, a global pandemic remains on our mind, heavy in our hearts, and a recovering economy is our singular focus.

The challenges of COVID-19 are affecting businesses and communities and livelihoods world-wide, and all of us feel its stinging impact right here at home in The City Beautiful.

President & CEO

Mark A. Trowbridge

Our local business community has been devastated, but yet, we remain resolved. That is our role as a Chamber and as a champion for local businesses. We must look to the future and our collective recovery. We are the voice for local businesses.

Over the past few years, we have celebrated a time of incredible transformation in our City Beautiful: the newly updated and reimagined Miracle Mile and Giralda Avenue, incredible public art with soon to arrive welcoming murals in the downtown, ribbon cuttings galore that herald a strikingly positive business climate, as well as endless #selfies on Instagram and Facebook.

Now, our Chamber joins these transformative ranks and begins anew in a gorgeous new retail space on Alhambra Circle. Our home is an extraordinary headquarters, located at Main & Main of the business district and designed as a place to convene, collaborative and create. Come visit us and help us celebrate this new epicenter for business.

Pre-pandemic, a multitude of new and exciting businesses opened across the City that continued to raise our profile in the South Florida business community! We hope for the same in the coming months as 2021 dawns and the virus eases.

With our centennial just five years away, the time is perfect to think about our future as a Chamber and City. Since our founding by the visionary George E. Merrick in 1925, the Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce has been dedicated to making our community an epicenter for business, both domestically and globally, while diligently serving our resident, employee and visitor populations. With a focus on balanced growth and robust job creation, together with a superior lifestyle designed for live, work, learn and play, the Chamber leads the way in our business community.

To all of our visitors, we welcome you and hope you enjoy The City Beautiful – and please, come check out our new Welcome Center at 201 Alhambra Circle. Of course, we invite you to return again very soon as you aid in our recovery and a robust return to a pre-COVID world filled with travel and discovery.

To our residents, we thank you for your support, which you so graciously offer year-round. To businesses seeking a new market to expand into, we say join us as we help you make Coral Gables your home!

And to our business community, we salute you and value your enduring commitment to making Coral Gables the very best in all of South Florida. The past six months have been tough and painful, but together, we will endure, survive and thrive.

We encourage you to take advantage of the renowned restaurants, world-class shopping, historic venues, unparalleled culture, incredible hotel product, outstanding educational and health care institutions and international flair that make Coral Gables magnificent!

As we like to say to our members, we are your exclusive concierge as you discover (or re-discover) the sophistication and charm of our Coral Gables! We are on the road to recovery, and you are an essential ingredient to our success.

Now, let’s “Come Together” and build toward a dynamic future!

President & CEO

President & CEO
Coral Gables Chamber of Commerce